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4 moments to win your client

May 20, 2024

Four crucial moments that the consumer experiences that you can take advantage of to attract your customers:-

  1. Moment of curiosity I want to know moments

At this moment, the customer is looking to get quick information about your product or service.

2.I want to do moment

The client needs help or guidance to do a specific thing at the moment.

3.The moment of transition I want to go moment

The customer needs to go to the nearest place that offers the product or service he wants to buy.

4.I want to buy moment

The customer wants to buy something quickly and needs help making a decision.

The Enjaz Gate team is ready to achieve effective visibility for your brand at these crucial moments, to make your customers’ experience distinctive and easy
Contact us now to help you take advantage of these moments to win the hearts of your customers.
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