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3 Aspects of the economic feasibility study

May 16, 2024
To determine the viability of any project or investment idea, a feasibility study is conducted from several perspectives:-
  1. Market Study: This is considered the cornerstone of the feasibility study. It involves understanding the market's nature and characteristics, identifying competitors and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. It also includes studying the available market share, choosing the optimal marketing methods, and understanding suitable distribution channels.
  2. Technical Study: This aspect helps in understanding the project's planning and how it will be implemented in reality. It includes a detailed description of the project's products and specifies the expected production capacity to determine the electrical and operational energy needs of the required machinery and labor.
  3. Financial Study: This enables the investor to determine whether the project is capable of achieving the expected returns by identifying suitable external financing sources and determining the expected annual revenues for the project.
Leave the study of projects and investment ideas to us to ensure their success and implementation in reality.
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