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how do you know the deadline for submitting your company's tax returns?

April 29, 2024
If you're a company owner, it's crucial to pay attention to filing your company's tax returns with the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority.
  • The tax return is an official document containing cash flows, such as sales and purchases subject to Value Added Tax (VAT), submitted by companies under the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority.
  •  Tax returns are divided into two types, monthly and quarterly (every 3 months).
So, how do you know the deadline for submitting your company's tax returns?
  1. If your company's sales exceed 40 million SAR, you must submit the tax return monthly.
  2. If sales are below 40 million SAR, you need to submit it quarterly (every 3 months).
  3. Tax returns are submitted electronically through the Zakat and Income Saudi Arabia portal to facilitate and avoid any delays.
Follow us to learn more details and information about filing tax returns.
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